Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Meeting Minutes - March 2009

We had a mellow March meeting with lots of news and ideas to dicuss. Our next meeting will be held on April 1 at the current location provided by Arnold at 1210 East Front Street, Port Angeles, WA If you would like to view the meeting minutes from the March 2009 Olympic Peninsula Chapter meeting click here

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Navy Keyport Range Expansion Comments Due March 11, 2009

The Navy is proposing to expand it's Pacific Northwest Training Range Complex to include the Olympic Coast Marine Sanctuary and the Strait of Juan de Fuca, Hood Canal and Puget Sound.

Activities proposed for the range include the use of sonar, bombs, new weapons systems, an undersea minefield, manned and un-manned vehicles, multi-million dollar aircraft, guided missle submarines, explosive ordnance disposal and more.

If implemented, the Navy's plans will intensify the level of noise, violent explosions and hazardous materials released into the marine environment. Pollutants that will be expended in the proposed excercises include a long list of heavy metals and chemicals such as depleted uranium, lead, mercury and perchlorate. The Navy also wants to increase its use of active sonar, which has been implicated in marine mammal injuries and deaths.

A draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for this proposal was released by the Navy in December, 2008. The public comment period ends March 11, 2009.

Here are links to the Navy's documents, EIS, and comment form:


http:// www.nwtrangecomplexeis.com/


Please take the time to voice your opinion on the Navy's proposed expansion into our coastal waters.