Thursday, December 11, 2008

Elwha Dike Reconstruction Project Plans

Dr. Brian Winter from Olympic National Park will be at our January 7th, 2009, Chapter Meeting to discuss plans for reconstructing the access dike at Place Road and to get input on the project from the surfing community. Dr. Winter will also present the current overall status of the Elwha Restoration Project.

The meeting will take place at 6:30 pm on January 7th, 2009, at the DNR Conference Room at 311 McCarver Street, Port Angeles, Washington.

This will be a great opportunity to discuss this important project.

If you have any questions prior to the meeting, please give me a call at 417-1405 ext. 225.


Dave Parks
Chapter Chair

Monday, December 1, 2008

December 3, 2008 Olympic Peninsula Chapter Meeting

The December 3, 2008 meeting of the Olympic Peninsula Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation will be at 6:30 pm at the Washington DNR building located at 311 McCarver Street, Port Angeles, Washington. 311 McCarver is located on the east side of Port Angeles near the intersection of Highway 101 and Mt. Pleasant Road (near Hartnagels Lumber and Mt. Pleasant IGS)

View Larger Map
Directions to 311 McCarver Street:

From Highway 101 take Mt. Pleasant Road south for less than 0.1 mile, turn left (east) on Kemp Street, go straight 0.1 mile to Hauk Road, turn left (north) go a short block to McCarver Street. Turn right (east)on McCarver Street, 311 McCarver is on the north(left) side of the street. Yellow building with flagpole and white sign board. Look for the Surfrider Banner.

If you have any questions, please call Dave Parks at 360-480-7312.


Dave Parks

December, 3 2008
6:30 PM
Olympic Peninsula Chapter
Meeting Location:
311 McCarver Street, Port Angeles
Click Link for Map

Meeting Orientation
Secretary’s Report
Treasurer’s Report
Access Reports
Elwha, Twin Rivers, Cape B, Wedge, Dump, Dry Creek
Chapter Position Elections for 2009
Coastal Code Water Quality Grant
Twin Rivers Property Management Proposal
Snowrider Project for Hurricane Ridge
Washington Coordinator Events
Chapter Conference Update
Washington Policy Events
Puget Sound Partnership Update
Northwest Straits/Coastal MRC Update

Port Angeles Pool Closure Update

Next Meeting Date-: January 2, 2009

Monday, November 24, 2008

Winterfest Fundraiser for Olympic Peninsula Chapter

Thanks to the following for donating equipment to be sold at the Winterfest Ski Swap. Proceeds go directly to fund beach cleanups, waste collection, and access at local beaches:

Vicky Adams
John Huard
Jody Kennedy
Arnold Schouten
Kendra Parks

Thank you very much for contributing to the Olympic Peninsula Chapter!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Our Chapter Comments on the proposed expansion of the NAVSEA Keyport Range Complex into the Olympic Coast Marine Sanctuary

The Navy is proposing to operate unmanned underwater vehicles in the surf zone within the Olympic Coast Marine Sanctuary. Here are our Chapter comments on the matter. Thanks to Sarah Waterkotte for providing comments.

Carol Bernthal, Superintendent
Olympic Coast Marine Sanctuary
115 East Railroad Ave
Port Angeles WA 98362

RE: Comments on the U.S. Navy’s NAVSEA Keyport Range Complex Extension DEIS (DEIS)

Dear Superintendent Bernthal,

The Olympic Peninsula Chapter (OPC) of the Surfrider Foundation has discussed the Navy’s proposed expansion of the NAVSEA Keyport Range Complex into the Olympic Coast Marine Sanctuary (OCMS) and has the following comments. We ask that you forward these comments to the appropriate representatives of the U.S. Navy as indicated in the Federal Register notice, Vol. 68, No. 168 of September 11, 2008.

The OPC does not believe that the proposed expansions of the NAVSEA Keyport Range Complex into the Olympic Coast Marine Sanctuary is compatible with the goals of the Sanctuary and prefer that the No Action Alternative be adopted.

Our members are very concerned about the possibility of the Navy operating unmanned undersea vehicles (UUV’s) in the surf-zone of the OCMS causing conflict and injury to public uses and users within the surf zone. We believe that the Navy has inadequately described the size, mass and velocity of the UUVs proposed to operate in the surf zone of the OCMS. Our Chapter prefers the surf-zone be located outside of the OCMS as stated in Alternative 3. Further, as stated above, the OPC prefers the No Action Alternative on the Navy’s proposed expansion.

The OPC has also reviewed the comments submitted to the OCMS by the Sanctuary Advisory Council (dated October 22, 2008) and agree with the Council’s comments regarding probable significant environmental impacts to the environment from the Navy’s proposed expansion of the Keyport Range Complex.

Please feel free to contact me at the following numbers if you have any questions.


Dave Parks
Olympic Peninsula Chapter
The Surfrider Foundation
PO Box 2263
Port Angeles WA 98362

Office: 360-417-1405 ext. 225
Cellular: 360-480-7312

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Twin Sanican

I want to take a moment and say thanks to everyone who helped install the Sanican, fill in potholes, and clean up the beach at Twin Rivers this last Saturday, November 15, 2008. Your efforts are making a real difference towards keeping our surf spots clean, healthy and accessible. Great job everyone!

Left to right, Olympic Peninsula Chapter Members: Eric Waterkotte, Nick Parry, Arnold Schouten, Mike Wheeler, Kendra Parks, Tyson Dougherty, Sarah Waterkotte, Charlie Parks,
Dave Parks, Anne Shaffer. In front: Valentine and Hoss. Not shown because she was taking the picture, Sally Parry, (Thanks Sally!). See the slideshow below for more photos of the day.


Dave Parks
Olympic Peninsula Chapter
The Surfrider Foundation
PO Box 2263
Port Angeles WA 98362

Office: 417-1405 ext. 225
Cell: 360-480-7312

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Beach Cleanup and Work Party - November 15th

The Olympic Peninsula Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation will be having a Beach Clean-up and work party at the Twin Rivers parking lot on Saturday, November 15, 2008, from 9am to 1pm. (When you cross East Twin River take the second gravel road on your right heading west.)

We will be installing a portable toilet and sign, spreading gravel to improve the road, and picking up trash on the beach and around the parking lot.

You are invited to join us in our efforts to conserve our natural resources. If you have any questions, please give me a call at 360-480-7312.

Dave Parks
Olympic Peninsula Chapter
The Surfrider Foundation
PO Box 2263
Port Angeles WA 98362

OPC Surfrider Minutes: November 2008

Meeting minutes: 11.5.2008


Dave Parks, Mike, Lindsey and Conner Wheeler, Arnold Shouten, Sarah Waterkotte, Eric Waterkotte, Jody Kennedy

Treasurers Report

Balance from last month: 3132.60
Monthly Expenses: - 91.38 (Elwha Sani can)
Current Balance: $ 3041.22

Secretary Report

Minutes were finalized by the members.

Sani-Can updates

There is some interest from the Alaskan Brew Company's Coastal Code initiative to fund projects protecting our beaches. We are looking into ways to open up a fund for donations directly to the sani-can operations. December 1st is the deadline for Coastal Code grants.

The landowners at Twins have approved the location and we have started prepping the site at Twin's for the Sani-Can. Dave has an official sign made up to mark the site. We will have a work session Saturday November 15th to help finish prepping the site.

Address for OPC

We voted on changing the official chapter address so that it will now be Dave Parker, chapter chair's address.

P.O. Box 2263
Port Angeles, WA 98362

Twin River Land Exchange with County

There is a group of landowners which owns the strip of land surfers park on at Twin Rivers as well as the fenced campground. The group would like to exchange the land with the county in exchange for some county land in an adjacent area. The deal would be between the County and the land owner group but it would benefit our interests and so the chapter agreed to support the idea. Arnold will follow up with the group.

Access Issues

Dry Creek - Arnold attended the Dry Creek Coalition meeting and represented our interests in public access to the beach. We can write a letter to the city to request that the road from the P.A. landfill down to the beach. We need to consider writting a letter to the city proposing after hours access to the road which leads down to the beach.

WA Policy Events

The WA Wildlife & Rec Program - WWRC washington wildlife and recreation coalition
State funding agency which funds things like The Olympic Discovery Trail. The fund was created in the early 90s with around 100 million in funding. The budget is going to be reduced but the legislative campaign during the next session might provide an opportunity to express interest in retaining the funding. We should write letters/call Kessler to express our concerns with the money going away.

Coastal MRC

Conference this weekend. Friday will be an open session for Northwest Straits at 3:30 at the Red Lion. Saturday there will be other events open to the public. Grey's Harbor county is the furthest along. Each county will receive 10,000 for "scoping". The State has put together a working group to establish goals and a process for delivering funds.

OCNMS - Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary

OCNMS is updating their management plan. They are open for comments which are due November 14th.

NW Chapter Conference

Jody Kennedy provided an update on what went down at the NW Chapter Conference in Seaside Oregon. There was a solid turnout in general accept for our chapter.

2009 Event Planning

  • Winterfest - Friday November 21st @ 5pm Vern Burton $30 and two auction items. Saturday is a ski swap.

  • Coastal Cleanup in Neah Bay - April 18th, 2009 Mike Wheeler will be the chairman.

  • Cleanwater Classic - Westport - May 15th - 17th, 2009

  • Surfing and Traditions - July 3rd and 4th

  • Beach Cleanups - Elwha, Twin Rivers, Wedge, Dump, Debob Bay

Next Meeting

December 3, 2008 - Location TBD

For a printable copy of these minutes click here.

Monday, October 20, 2008

November 5th Meeting Location

The next Olympic Peninsula Chapter meeting will be held at Peninsula College beginning at 6:30 pm. We appreciate your patience as we look for a steady venue for our monthly meetings. Check out the map below for details on how to find Peninsula College and the meeting location.

View Larger Map

Once you arrive at Peninsula College you will want to enter up the main entrance and find the Pirate Union Building. (see Peninsula College Map below)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

October Meeting Minutes Posted

Last night, 10.1.2008, we held our October OPC Surfrider meeting, our first at the Port Angeles Library. We had a great turnout and are making progress on some important local issues. Thanks to Shannon as usual for making the trek out to P.A. The meeting minutes have been published but may change slightly if any revisions or additional comments are made. Check out the meeting minutes here.

October 2008 OPC Meeting Minutes

OPC Surfrider

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New Meeting Location

We will not be meeting at Gordy's for our October meeting and will instead be meeting at the Port Angeles Library in the Raymond Carver room. Click here for a map. The meeting will start at 6:30 and is open to the public.

Meeting Agenda:
  1. Introductions
  2. Meeting orientation - add agenda items
  3. Treasurer’s Report
  4. Secretary’s Report
  5. Twins workgroup report
  6. Washington Coordinator Events and Issues
  7. Washington Policy Events and Issues
  8. Port Angeles Swimming Pool Closure

See you there,
Olympic Peninsula Chapter

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary is updating their management plan!

Since its designation in 1994, Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary has combined innovative ocean research, progressive management and policy, and inspiring education programs to protect one of America's most significant ocean treasures. This fall, the sanctuary is beginning a thorough re-examination of their management priorities. This is a pubic process and will be greatly enhanced by the input of people who use and care about Washington’s outer coast.

Please attend an upcoming public meeting:
  • Port Angeles: 9/29/08, 6-9pm, Peninsula College Longhouse South Campus
  • Neah Bay: 9/30/08, 6-9pm, Makah Marina Conference Center, Makah Reservation, Bayview Ave
  • La Push: 10/1/08, 6-9pm, A-Ka-Lat Center, Quileute Reservation on La Push Road
For more information, visit:

Puget Sound Partnership

The Puget Sound Partnership is developing an Action Agenda that will guide state, federal, and local efforts to save the Sound by 2020. Development of this Agenda presents an enormous opportunity to effect change on behalf of the water quality and the overall health of Puget Sound.

You can help ensure that the Chapter’s priorities, including PUBLIC ACCESS, are captured in the Partnership’s final Action Agenda by contacting the Partnership NOW. The Partnership is expected to release a draft Agenda this October.

Shoreline access
Public access to Puget Sound shorelines is limited. Let the Partnership know that you would like to see more money available for acquiring shoreline property and opening it up to the public. Enhancing recreational opportunities along the Sound will connect people to the very resource we need to protect. Public shoreline parks offer education and restoration opportunities that can help get people engaged and committed to doing what’s necessary to save Puget Sound.

Other priority actions to consider including in your comments:
  • Restore to health 500 miles of shoreline by 2020.
  • Create more shoreline public parks.
  • Require and increase incentives for low-impact development to help control stormwater.
  • Upgrade sewage treatment plants and infrastructure.
  • Station a permanent year round rescue tug at Neah Bay to help prevent oil spills.
  • Establish a regional water quality monitoring system that captures environmental impacts as well as program effectiveness.
  • Help Elwha Dam Removal and restoration of the nearshore by confirming a realistic timeline for removal and implementing accountability measures that hold partners to this timeline.

TO SEND COMMENTS, you can...

Email to

Mail them to:
Puget Sound Partnership
P.O. Box 40900
Olympia, WA 98504-0900
800.54.SOUND or 360.725.5444

Or submit via this weblink:

To learn more about the Puget Sound Partnership, please visit:

Saturday, September 6, 2008

September Meeting

The OPC held it's September 08 meeting this past wendesday at Gordy's Pizza where we had a larger than normal group of participants. You can get the September 2008 meeting minutes by going to the following URL (

Check out the updated calendar of events for all the up and coming dates this month.

Call to action!
There are several opportunities to get involved and take action this month. There is the Outer Coast Marine Sanctuary Management Review meetings coming up on September 29th in Port Angeles and 30th in Neah Bay. The Puget Sound Partnership needs to hear from you regarding access to our public beaches along the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Grab a postcard, give some to friends and bring the filled out postcards to the next meeting.

Location Change for our next meeting
Our next meeting will be held on October 1st at the Port Angeles Library in the Ramond Carver room. at 6:30

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Washington Paddle Out for Clean Water

Join Thw Surfrider Foundation's Washington Chapters as they Paddle Out for Clean Water

The Surfrider Foundation's Washington Chapters are organizing a Paddle Out for Clean Water on September 13th 2008 at Golden Gardens Park in Seattle WA. You are invited to paddle out on surfboards, kayaks, standup paddleboards, canoes, and etcetera. The purpose of this event is to raise awareness of the state of our water quality, the issues that are making it so, and what we can do to help rectify the situation. We will also be showing our support to Save Sand Point.

We have a goal of getting 100 people in the water on this afternoon. It would be hard for the public to ignore such a large gathering of water lovers and the messages we want to send. This will be an all day green event. From 10am-1pm we will have a beach cleanup, then the 2pm-4pm paddle out and circle formation, followed by a 5pm potluck and bonfire. Everyone is asked to please bring your own reusable eating tools (plates, forks, cups, etcetera). We also ask that you please bring your food item in a reusable-serving dish. We are aiming to join fun and awareness into one event.

Event Contacts

Monday, June 23, 2008

2008 Membership Drive is On!

The 2008 Membership Drive officially started this past weekend. From now until July 5th if you join or renew your membership making a special note to register with the Olympic Peninsula Chapter you will be entered to win a Rebel Longboard, two tickets to see Jack Johnson at the Gorge and more.

Enter to win by renewing or joining The Surfrider Foundation Olympic Peninsula Chapter and coming to the July 5th Surfing and Traditions Beach Cleanup. You MUST be present at the beach cleanup to be eligable.

To join or renew your membership, you can:
  • IN PERSON - pick up a membership application at NXNW in Port Angeles or Lost Mountain Surfshop in Carsborg where you can also submit your membership form.
  • ONLINE - Join or Renew online making sure you register with the Olympic Peninsula Chapter. Email your info to be entered.
You must be present at the July 5th beach cleanup at first beach La Push to win anything.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

International Surfing Day 6.20.2008

Come join the Olympic Peninsula Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation at First Beach La Push Washington as we celebrate the longest day of the year with a free BBQ, party and outdoor big screen local surf movies. The following day we will start the summer off by doing a beach clean up and more BBQ ing. Please see attached flyer for schedule. We will also be kicking off our 2008 membership drive. Between now and July 5th turn in your membership application to an O.P.C. Surfrider member and you will be entered for a chance to win a new Rebel Surfboards longboard, 2 Jack Johnson concert tickets and more. You must be present at the beach clean up on July 5th to win.

For 2008, International Surfing Day has unveiled a new element; signature challenges. These “challenges” are micro-events that will take place on a local, regional, national and even global levels, and give ISD participants (that’s you!) the opportunity to compete against themselves and others in surfing and environmentally themed competitions.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Surfing and Traditions is coming

Seems like the month of May just flew by. As June progresses we draw closer and closer to the big 4th of July Surfing and Traditions weekend event. Check out all of the latest details on the Surfing and Traditions website. As of our most recent chapter meeting in May there were still a few opportunities for volunteers.

Saturday, July 5th Surfrider Foundation Sponsored Beach Clean at 9:00 am. Location is in front on the camp ground, 1st beach La Push. Surf and Kayak camp for the local youth of La Push. Hosted by the Quileute Indain Tribe & Surfrider Foundation, this event will begin in the afternoon. The location is at the ball field, north end of La Push.

Sunday, July 6th Surfing competition at 8:00 am. The entry fee is $20.00 payable to Quileute Youth Program. With your entry into the contest you will be given a Surfing & Traditions t-shirt and an entry into a major raffle which includes prizes from great sport suppliers. Prizes will be awarded at the end of the competition.

Contact Leah Hornaday to confirm yourself as a volunteer