Tuesday, November 11, 2008

OPC Surfrider Minutes: November 2008

Meeting minutes: 11.5.2008


Dave Parks, Mike, Lindsey and Conner Wheeler, Arnold Shouten, Sarah Waterkotte, Eric Waterkotte, Jody Kennedy

Treasurers Report

Balance from last month: 3132.60
Monthly Expenses: - 91.38 (Elwha Sani can)
Current Balance: $ 3041.22

Secretary Report

Minutes were finalized by the members.

Sani-Can updates

There is some interest from the Alaskan Brew Company's Coastal Code initiative to fund projects protecting our beaches. We are looking into ways to open up a fund for donations directly to the sani-can operations. December 1st is the deadline for Coastal Code grants.

The landowners at Twins have approved the location and we have started prepping the site at Twin's for the Sani-Can. Dave has an official sign made up to mark the site. We will have a work session Saturday November 15th to help finish prepping the site.

Address for OPC

We voted on changing the official chapter address so that it will now be Dave Parker, chapter chair's address.

P.O. Box 2263
Port Angeles, WA 98362

Twin River Land Exchange with County

There is a group of landowners which owns the strip of land surfers park on at Twin Rivers as well as the fenced campground. The group would like to exchange the land with the county in exchange for some county land in an adjacent area. The deal would be between the County and the land owner group but it would benefit our interests and so the chapter agreed to support the idea. Arnold will follow up with the group.

Access Issues

Dry Creek - Arnold attended the Dry Creek Coalition meeting and represented our interests in public access to the beach. We can write a letter to the city to request that the road from the P.A. landfill down to the beach. We need to consider writting a letter to the city proposing after hours access to the road which leads down to the beach.

WA Policy Events

The WA Wildlife & Rec Program - WWRC washington wildlife and recreation coalition
State funding agency which funds things like The Olympic Discovery Trail. The fund was created in the early 90s with around 100 million in funding. The budget is going to be reduced but the legislative campaign during the next session might provide an opportunity to express interest in retaining the funding. We should write letters/call Kessler to express our concerns with the money going away.

Coastal MRC

Conference this weekend. Friday will be an open session for Northwest Straits at 3:30 at the Red Lion. Saturday there will be other events open to the public. Grey's Harbor county is the furthest along. Each county will receive 10,000 for "scoping". The State has put together a working group to establish goals and a process for delivering funds.

OCNMS - Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary

OCNMS is updating their management plan. They are open for comments which are due November 14th.

NW Chapter Conference

Jody Kennedy provided an update on what went down at the NW Chapter Conference in Seaside Oregon. There was a solid turnout in general accept for our chapter.

2009 Event Planning

  • Winterfest - Friday November 21st @ 5pm Vern Burton $30 and two auction items. Saturday is a ski swap.

  • Coastal Cleanup in Neah Bay - April 18th, 2009 Mike Wheeler will be the chairman.

  • Cleanwater Classic - Westport - May 15th - 17th, 2009

  • Surfing and Traditions - July 3rd and 4th

  • Beach Cleanups - Elwha, Twin Rivers, Wedge, Dump, Debob Bay

Next Meeting

December 3, 2008 - Location TBD

For a printable copy of these minutes click here.

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