Monday, March 4, 2013

Call To Action: Port Angeles Landfill Meeting

We need your help!

What: Port Angeles City Council Meeting-Landfill Stabilization Options

Where: City Council Chambers, 321 East Fifth Street, Port Angeles, WA 98362

When: Tuesday, March 5th, 6:00 pm

The City Council will be deliberating options for stabilization of the Port Angeles landfill.

We need you to Oppose any new shoreline hardening and to find alternative solutions to further armoring of
the shoreline associated with the landfill.

We need your support to ask the City Council to pull back the municipal garbage associated with the closed landfill cells and put in place a long-term solution to coastal ersosion at the City Landfill.

Please help us encourage them to adopt a long-term solution and prevent further hardening of our shoreline.

This affects not only City residents, but County residents who use the City landfill.

Over the years, the City has been paying for temporary seawalls that damage nearshore habitat and accelerate shoreline erosion. It is time for a long-term solution that restores the habitat and recreation values of the beach, benefitting local businesses and our quality of life.

Please come to the next City Council Meeting and show your support for restoring the Port Angeles City Landfill Shoreline.

Tuesday March 5th
6:00 PM
City Council Chambers
City Hall, 321 East 5th Street
Port Angeles WA 98362

Surfrider Foundation's position on the PA Landfill:

We oppose any new seawall construction. Instead, we would like to work with the City to find alternative solutions that will restore the site and enable public access to the beach.

Armoring the shoreline with seawalls disrupts natural beach processes changing wave dynamics, accelerating erosion, and impairing juvenile salmon and forage fish habitat.

There is a lot of value in restoring Puget Sound shorelines, not just from restoring salmon populations but also from fostering recreation opportunities that support local businesses and economic development.

We support removing the existing seawall which was constructed without appropriate permits, and restoring the shoreline.

We will hold the City of Port Angeles accountable for any additional shoreline degradation that results from shoreline armoring associated with the landfill

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